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Inspired by yoga

Adventurine worry stone

Adventurine worry stone

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Worry stones are a beautiful tool to help you soothe frazzled nerves. They make such great gifts for people in your life going through a challenging time. You are giving them something tangible that will help ease their burden.

As you can see from the picture each worry stone is very unique. They are free formed and have different markings and shades of colour.

This price is for one worry stone.

I will make a wish and select you a random one from our collection. 

Materials : Adventurine is known to inspire positivity, connection to the heart, an open yet protected, comforted and harmonized heart, the memory of joy being our true nature.

Dimensions : Approx. 25mm+ x 40mm+ 

Features : Worry stones work by using a form of reflexology to promote a feeling of calm. When the stone is rubbed, the nerves within your thumb that release natural endorphins are activated which stimulates your body’s natural relaxation response.

They help to self soothe anxiety and are a healthier option to other less desirable self soothing methods such as nail biting, scratching or biting your lip.

Worry stones are easy to carry in your pocket, ready to bring you a sense of calm when you need it.

It is a good idea to use them in nervous and stressful situations to keep idle hands busy. 

The comforting repetition is also useful as a meditation aid.

How to use: Rub your thumb over the smooth curved surface and breathe.

I love natural products, they hold a higher vibration which enhances your life on a deeper level. Mother nature has provided these gems for us. Some ‘imperfections’ are inherent in natural products but that just makes each individual piece more authentically beautiful and precious. 

If you need to soothe your frazzled nerves further you may like to book in for a gentle yoga and relaxation class with us.

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