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This micro biz of mine was formerly known as Inspired by yoga. I started it in 2010 fuelled by my desire to inspire others to lead a more relaxed enjoyable life. I have practised yoga for 25+ years and my love for it grows deeper each year. I have been told my humaneness, creativity and enthusiasm are infectious. I have a thirst for knowledge and a passion for the health and wellbeing of others. 

I was recently diagnosed with ADHD ((with some Autistic traits)) at 44 and it explains a LOT!! Looking after myself as a highly sensitive person in a much too harsh and busy world has helped me attune to subtleties so I can guide others to relax deeply and connect with their hearts.

I have had a random mix of work experience over the years including working in the creative arts, entertainment, touring, events, retail, allied health industries, making and selling things at markets, teaching crochet, sharing kids yoga, prenatal yoga, workshops, classes... I get bored easily and hate being told what to do ((hello ADHD)) because I fiercely follow my heart ((anything less feels empty)) and nothing compares to this kind of authentic creative expression. This may mean I sometimes seem inconsistent but what lies underneath is pure soulful purpose. I am a multi-passionate. I have a wild imagination. I cannot be boxed in.

“Don't tell a girl with fire in her veins and hurricane bones what she should and shouldn't do. In the blink of an eye, she will shatter that ridiculous cage you attempt to build around her beautiful bohemian spirit.”  Melody Lee

I am drawn to bottom up processing therapies ((movement, meditation, creativity, play, community...)) because I sense this helps me and the people I support embody growth and change ((unlearning BS that's been fed to us about our worth being tied to productivity and much more)) rather than intellectualising ((F off overthinking!!)) it.

My vast and sometimes tumultuous lived experience ((personal and professional)) has increased my capacity to hold space, to connect, to further embody being non-judgemental, it has helped me to shed the toxic positivity/ spiritual bypassing spin that is rife in the wellness industry and to be more comfortable with the full spectrum of emotions and people. I don’t just welcome diversity I embrace it. There are no binaries in nature and we forget, we as humans are actually part of nature ((not autopilot robots!!)).

I believe that play and creativity are the highest form of spirituality. That the true measure of success is a calm nervous system and people feeling safe in our presence. That moving slowly and gently is not less but more. That our thoughts can be lying assholes and our body never lies.

I am an unapologetically imperfectly human and I hope showing you that inspires you to stop striving ((striving actually blocks any potential relaxation)) for perfection.

I sometimes get an inkling of Imposter syndrome because anxiety tells me that I swear too much, I overshare, I am too exhausted, burnt out, stressed, busy, sensitive, awkward, I fidget a lot, I carry too much grief ((I love you Dad)), I am in physical pain ((Fibromyalgia and Arthritis)), I didn’t get pregnant easily ((thank you IVF)), my life is chaotic ((mum to a bouncing off the walls energizer bunny 7 year old)), I don’t meditate under the full moon wearing white ((I am a 'wow look at the moon' person though)) and I am not zen enough to help other people relax… but I teach what I need and I think this helps me attune to the needs of our community and connect deeper and I regularly receive glowing feedback. 

I am sensitive, I do feel deeply, I care deeply and I want the best for us all. 

I believe we ((myself included)) have become way too independent. We thrive when we embrace our natural inherent interconnectedness and stop competing. Hopefully nurturing our community via sharing ((musings and excess produce!!)) in class and at our gatherings we can start to somewhat recreate the village that went missing.

Even though my life can be chaotic I am non-negotiably dedicated to my own self-care ((burnout prevention)) to hopefully inspire you to do the same too.

That is all about the 'real' me, scroll down if you want my more 'formal' qualifications.


Current offerings 

Mindful movement and relaxation class

Support work


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Creative meditation

Creativity club for curious kids

Mala making workshop

Neurokin social group

Soulful social group

And much more…


Podcasts // Articles 

The cycle of life - trigger warnings: ivf, miscarriage, death of a loved one.
Articles I have written
A yoga teachers journey through IVF
Stages of the IVF process in relation to yoga (a good read for yoga teachers)
How to sensitively talk to someone going through fertility challenges
Ebook - DIY Mala beads 


Graduate Diploma Therapeutic Arts Practise 

Diploma Dru Yoga teacher training

Diploma Meditation teacher training

Diploma Entertainment ((costume))

Certificate 4 Clothing production

Certificate 3 Small business management

Level 2 Yin yoga teacher training

Restorative yoga teacher training

Thai yoga massage training

Rainbow kids yoga teacher training

Level 2 Reiki practitioner training

Level 1 EFT practitioner training

Hypnobirthing practitioner training



It is clear that Amy truly values her community. She puts so much thought into creating a welcoming space, treats each person with care and respect, and ensures yoga practices are adapted to meet individual needs. While managing the day-to-day realities and 'busyness' of life, Amy remains steadfastly committed to mindfulness, self-care and personal growth - her honest, and at times humorous, reflections give me a gentle nudge to do the same. - Tara. P


Amy’s classes are like gentle nurturing hugs for the soul and a special gift I give to myself each time I attend. Situated in a beautiful bush environment, she provides a safe, non judgemental and gentle space where rejuvenating sessions include restorative guided relaxation and meditation. She genuinely cares for the special little community she has created and I cannot recommend her highly enough. - Jen


As a mum of three young kids Amy’s class feels like therapy and a masssge combined but more affordable. I wish I found it earlier! - Sally


The most perfect place to find peace and a state of calm I’ve ever been to. We are always busy busy busy and these classes have taught me just to be. So empowering and my nervous system is ever grateful! - Anna


Amy Joy embodies her name. She is like sunshine in human form. - Maria


I’ve been going to Amy’s yoga classes for probably close to a decade and I can’t recommend them highly enough. It’s such a relaxing experience and every week is a new discovery on how to relax. Amy’s classes and inclusive for people of all ages and abilities. A truly amazing human being. - G. Young


Amy’s classes are amazing. So different to the “skinny girls being pretzels” classes that are found in some places. If you want a class to feel nurtured and welcomed then this is the class for you! Give it a go!!!! - Melissa


Amy’s classes are gentle and soothing. She has a wealth of knowledge and shows such genuine care for her students. - Catherine


I was so pleased I found Amy’s classes, which helped me immensely through anxiety and helped me find balance in my life. Amy, and this lovely community, are warm and friendly and are a special rarity amongst other large franchises that lack personal connections - attending Amy’s events feels like coming home to family. - Christy


Amy is an authentic and passionate facilitator. I am also a peer and often recommend folks Amy’s way. Thoughtful, generous, creative and kind - be guided with integrity and delight when you attend movement or creative sessions with Amy. - Kylie


Amy, I am feeling so fortunate and grateful to be a part of the wonderful community you have created. I love your class each week. So often I leave class with a clearer perspective on something, worked through deep feelings or had light bulb moments, not to mention the physical benefits that my body just loves. - Nicole


I started coming to Amy’s class this year with the plan that it would give my body some gentle exercise to offset the intensity of my boxing fitness but it became really obvious early on how stressed I was in my mind. My job has been more stressful than I have ever known it to be this year. I feel that I could not have survived it with some level of sanity had I not been spending my Saturday mornings in Amy’s class! Finding my new job required a clear and focussed head. These yoga classes have helped calm my mind and focussed my intentions and I feel really positive that 2015 is going to be bright and exciting. I saw the light in her to see it in myself - for which I am so grateful.’ - Anna


My name is Paula and I have been doing yoga on and off for about 10 years. I have tried Hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini and a some in-between and can honestly say that class with Amy has been the most enjoyable and rewarding out of the lot! Dru yoga is a very gentle form of yoga consisting of loose and flowing movement and is much easier on the body than other forms of yoga that work with tight and rigid poses. Amy makes her classes extremely fun, where beautiful music is used to match the movements we make, this can be so enjoyable at times that we want to break out into dance! In addition, Amy's classes usually come with an inspiring theme and positive message which she incorporates into the classes by talking about it and involving them within the yoga movements. This added dimension allows for reflection on the topic which then stays with you throughout your week (and we all need a bit of that!)... Finally, Amy's relaxation techniques at the end of the session always manage to put us all into a deep zone of contentment (and some of us even fall asleep!), and without fail, we are all extremely peaceful, yet full of energy, at the end of each class. Therefore, not only is the class fun, easy on the body, relaxing and revitalising but it is so much easier on the body than any other yoga I have tried, and still manages to produce the same and even better results to my mind, body and spirit. So, thank you to Amy for her dedication to our well-being and I would highly recommend her classes to anyone who  would also like to incorporate the load of benefits mentioned, within their lives. - Paula


I came across Amy when researching for a children's yoga class in my local area as I felt my daughter's (then 7 and 5) would benefit from the practice of yoga.  Amy and her yoga sessions have been simply amazing for my girls.  They love yoga thanks to Amy and eagerly look forward to her sessions as she provides a wonderfully nurturing yet fun environment where they can be themselves without judgement.  Amy is such a positive role model for them also - always happy, calm and enthusiastic - they just adore her. To my delight, she also taught adult classes too. I had previously tried other forms of yoga and knew that the practice of yoga suited me and I enjoyed it but I hadn't attended a class for a few years as 'Life' had gotten in the way. 'Life' as it so happens had become highly stressful and had slowly begun to overwhelm me. Therefore, I was in great need of something which  would balance and centre the  mind as well as the body and give me time out. I couldn’t have been more lucky than to stumble upon Amy and her Dru Yoga class.  Amy provides such a positive and nurturing environment and I finally felt that I could breath for the first time in a long time.  Amy also affirmed that it was okay to take time out and nurture oneself. It was so what I needed! 12 months on, I look forward to my weekly yoga session with Amy and value it greatly.  It is an hour and a half just for me - to concentrate only on me and what I need. It centres me, balances me, re-energises me and allows me to breathe! - Tara


As a person that has lived with the pain and the struggles associated with severe scoliosis, (the curve in my spine is at 50 degrees)  I am always on the lookout for methods or treatments that can assist me. I have tried many practices from chiropractor, osteopath, and just about everything else available, most recently a fantastic physiotherapist, he has been good to a certain degree but doesn't agree with me doing Yoga. I wanted to be part of the solution, after all I was the one that has been told I would be in a wheel chair in my later years. In my life I have always been limited in sports, dancing any thing that requires my back to support me and basically move, pregnancy was a nightmare. I have tried several types of Yoga and Pilates but due to the deformity could not do what was "requested" by the teachers. Then I read a book about Dru yoga, one of those chance things thrown in my bag for a holiday. I started classes in Feb 2012 and I now have to be careful about getting on my soapbox, it has changed my life dramatically. Both physically and spiritually, I not only can have pain free days now it's sometimes weeks. It is not like anything else, I am feeling empowered to care for my spine and body for the first time. I now have the confidence to practice at home as well as my classes. All I can say is find a good teacher like Amy try it for yourself, you will be eternally grateful. - Jacki


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