I'm a creative cook I often don't use exact measurements but most of these recipes are hard to mess up just go with your taste buds and heart!!


Sticky Lemon Tofu

  • Cube up 300g firm tofu and splash with Tamari or soy sauce
  • Stir to make sure all cubes get coated
  • Add a sprinkle of arrowroot or cornstarch and gentle toss to make sure all cubes get coated
  • Heat up some oil in a pan
  • Cook the tofu until crispy
  • Set tofu aside
  • Add a little more oil and cook 1 teaspoon of crushed garlic and 1 teaspoon of crushed ginger in the same pan
  • Add 1 teaspoon of stock powder ((vegetable or chicken)), 3/4 cup lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of finely grated lemon rind and 3 tablespoons of honey and stir until it reduces and gets sticky
  • Add tofu back to the pan and toss around till each piece is covered and heated through again
  • Serve with rice, greens of choice and spring onions
  • You could use Chicken instead of Tofu


Vegetarian Lasagne

  • Chop up whatever veg you have ((I used onion carrot and spinach))
  • Cook up in a pan with some garlic
  • Add fresh chopped tomatoes, a tin of tomatoes, some tomato paste and a splash of red wine if you have it on hand
  • Cook till tender 
  • Add some soaked and rinsed red lentils
  • Cook for about 20 minutes
  • Layer this mix in a ovenproof dish with lasagne sheets and sliced eggplant
  • Top with bechamel and cheese
  • Cover and cook in oven for an hour



    Quinoa salad

    • Cooked Quinoa ((rinse it before cooking and cook with some stock or miso))
    • Add whatever crispy salad items you have on hand like -
    • Edamame
    • Capsicum
    • Red Cabbage
    • Carrot
    • Snow peas
    • Dressing = stir together garlic + ginger + lime juice + tamari + rice malt syrup + peanut butter
    • Adding a protein makes it a meal, I normally add soem cooked Tofu


    Lemon Potatoes

    • Mix 1 cup of chicken or veggie stock ((and/or bone broth if you have it)) with a about 1/2 cup of lemon juice and some salt and a very good slurp of olive oil
    • Put cut up potatoes on a tray
    • Pour liquid mixture on top
    • Add some oregano
    • Mix up so it is even
    • Put in oven cook for 20 minutes
    • Mix up again
    • Put back in oven for 25 minutes
    • If any liquid left now put potatoes on another tray and cook till crispy



    Chocolate Nut Bars

    • Mix up your favourite bliss ball recipe, I use Almonds + Dates + Cacao
    • Instead of rolling the bliss balls flatten them into a tray
    • Cool in the fridge
    • Cut them into bars
    • Dip them into melted Chocolate
    • While the Chocolate is still wet add some salt and crumbled nuts on top 




    Raspberry Tart 

    • Once again use your favourite Bliss ball recipe  and press it into a tart pan
    • Let it set in the fridge
    • Melt 2 blocks of chocolate ((I use Raspberry Lindt)) with 1 small can of coconut cream ((the more cream the more soggy the tart filling will be))
    • Pour it into the tart case
    • Add rasberries
    • Let it set in the fridge