Mindful movement and relaxation (( gentle yoga )) class in Croydon Hills

I believe the fast pace of the modern world makes us experts at going hard and fast - we force against nature to push ourselves in an unhealthy way.

As a counter balance to this, our classes are gentle and flowing in nature. In class, expect to move slowly with ease, to breathe with awareness and to relax deeply. Gently allowing your mind, body and heart to come back into a natural healthy balance.

I design our classes so they may be enjoyed by all ages & abilities. With an emphasis on nurturing your nervous system to help you feel more calm, releasing tension to help you feel more relaxed all the while improving your flexibility, core strength, breathing and postural habits. 

I aim to provide a friendly, gentle, non-competitive community environment for you so that you feel at ease and comfortable to relax. 

In our fast modern life we often don’t give ourselves permission to just be, breathe, feel and enjoy the moment yet doing so in class can bring about comfort and clarity. I want to give you this space so that you can bounce forward with a heightened sense of positivity and wellbeing.


SATURDAY 9.15 - 10.30AM 


Term 1   3rd Feb  - 30th March (9 weeks)
Term 2   20th April - 29th June (11 weeks) 
Term 3   20th July - 21st September (10 weeks) 
Term 4   12th October - 14th December (10 weeks)


  • Investment for a ten week term is $230 this includes unlimited access to our online studio library.
  • Please bring a yoga mat, pillow and blanket to class.
  • We are currently no longer required to wear masks during class - this may change in the future. 
  • I will not be offering make up classes. If you are sick or unable to attend for any reason please use our online studio library instead.
  • If by chance a situation arises where we are not permitted to gather I will offer a zoom class at the same time instead.
  • Our class always includes a 15+ minute guided relaxation at the end.



Yarrunga community centre 76-86 Croydon Hills Dr Croydon Hills.

There are plenty of onsite car parks. 

It is highly accessible with wheelchair access.

The entrance is facing the road. Once you arrive please ring the doorbell and I will let you in.




Please contact - amy@inspiredbyyoga.com.au 0417 121 179

If you prefer to practise in your own time at home. Check out our online studio