For when you are feeling ANXIOUS


Crocodile to calm // Lie on your belly in Crocodile pose to help you ground your stress into the floor and rest (8 minutes)

Crocodile with Ujjai breath // Grounding + releasing + deeply relaxing + soothing (11 minutes)

Relax your body in 5 breaths // Relax when you are short on time (13 minutes)

Share the comfort with the discomfort meditation (13 minutes)

Breathe easy // A variation of windmill breathing for when you are over thinking and overwhelmed  (13 minutes) 

Anahata breath // Gently open + flow your heart with ease (16 minutes)

Rest and release // Crocodile + Pentacle (18 minutes)

Earth meditation // Connect + ground + nurture (25 minutes)

Spinal breathing // Clearing + grounding + settling (26 minutes)

Waves of peace relaxation // a moving relaxation for when you are feeling disregulated and struggling to slow down (28 minutes)

Waves of peace moving relaxation // (30 minutes)

Slow down // Earth sequence + long restful crocodile with Ujjai breath (42 minutes)

Ground and flow // Crocodile pose + earth sequence + relaxation for when you have been thrown off balance and need some extra support and deep rest (52 minutes)

Stretch your heart // Unwinding + flowing parts of Energy block release 3 + relaxation + mini meditation for when your heart and your nervous system need some TLC (54 minutes)

Calm and comfort // Gentle warm ups + waves of peace relaxation + meditation for when you feel off balance and need some extra support (55 minutes)

Settle overwhelm // Unwinding + windmill breathing + gentle lower back releasing + waves of peace relaxation for when your overwhelmed and anxious. (55 minutes)

Get out of your head // Warm ups + slow unwinding + sitting cat + sitting moon sequence + relaxation + mini meditation for when you are overthinking or catastrophising (58 minutes)

Ground overwhelm // Slow flowing grounding movements + crocodile + relaxation to help you orient inwards and become more present for when you feel overwhelmed by outside influences and want some peace (1 hour)

Flow + Open + Connect // Tea cups + fearless flight + humming bee breath + relaxation (1 hour)

Connect to the Earth // Tapping + mountain pose + earth sequence + relaxation + mini meditation to help us ground to the earth and rest in the support of Mother Nature for when you are feeling off balance and unsteady (1 hour 2 minutes) 

Nurture your body, mind and heart // Gentle warm ups + feet up on chair movements and rest + relaxation + mini mantra meditation using Mala for when your nervous system needs some extra TLC (1 hour 5 minutes)


The beauty of yoga is it is for everybody. Everyone’s body is unique and has different capabilities. A good motto for our practise is ‘no pain no pain’. You should enjoy a stretch but it should never be a strain. Please take full responsibility, respect yourself and listen to your body. This is intended to be gentle yoga so never move to your end limits or push yourself. Pushing yourself beyond your limits blocks the energetic benefits so you will gain more by doing less. Please seek medical advice for any existing conditions prior to commencing.