Crocodile to calm // Lie on your belly in Crocodile pose to help you ground your stress into the floor and rest (8 minutes)

Stand in your power // Mountain pose for when you need to find your centre and be reminded of your strength (10 minutes) 

Rest and release // Crocodile + Pentacle (18 minutes)

Presence // Puppet strings standing and lying down to align your left and right and body and breath (26 minutes)

Slow down // Earth sequence + long restful crocodile with Ujjai breath (42 minutes)

Spark Joy // Joy breath + clapping + spinal waves + cow face arms + dancer + Inner fire sequence (44 minutes)

Grounding wall yoga // Shoulder warm ups + Tiger + Dancer + Half moon + Legs ups the wall (45 minutes)

Release stagnation // EBR1 + quick relaxation (48 minutes)

Release exhaustion // Crocodile + Pentacle + Relaxation + Mini Meditation (50 minutes)

Give your lower back some love // Floor flow + bridge flow + tingles of relaxation (51 minutes) 

Ground and flow // Crocodile pose + earth sequence + relaxation for when you have been thrown off balance and need some extra support and deep rest (52 minutes)

Drop the weight of the world off your shoulders // Gentle unwinding + spirals + relaxation + mini meditation to help you dump stress from your body and find comfort within (52 minutes)

Stretch your heart // Unwinding + flowing parts of Energy block release 3 + relaxation + mini meditation for when your heart and your nervous system need some TLC (54 minutes)

Lift lethargy // Gentle unwinding + lying down puppet strings movements for when you are feeling flat, unmotivated and languishing (54 minutes)

Move & flow & centre // Modified first part of energy block release 2 + square breathing with cross patterning + relaxation (54 minutes)

Gently open // Tapping + figure 8's + chest openers with a strap + chest openers and twist on the floor + relaxation + mini meditation for when you have been holding on for too long and have found yourself bracing against the stress of the world. (55 minutes)

Settle overwhelm // Unwinding + windmill breathing + gentle lower back releasing + waves of peace relaxation for when your overwhelmed and anxious. (55 minutes)

Exhaustion prevention //  Postural support + cow arms + eagle arms + neck love + subtle spinal waves + relaxation + joy breath with prana mudra + mini meditation for when you are so tired it has become hard to fight gravity (55 minutes)

Calm and comfort // Gentle warm ups + waves of peace relaxation + meditation for when you feel off balance and need some extra support (55 minutes)

Be here now // Mountain pose + unwinding + twist flow + bridge flow + relaxation for when your thoughts and emotions are heightened and need a pause (57 minutes)

Shift unease // Gentle floor based movements + relaxation for when you are stuck in a lethargic state and know moving will help (57 minutes)

When you need a holiday // Whole class lying down including gentle stretches + golden gate bridge + elevated butterfly + instant maui + relaxation (58 minutes)

Get out of your head // Warm ups + slow unwinding + sitting cat + sitting moon sequence + relaxation + mini meditation for when you are overthinking or catastrophising (58 minutes)

Move with Ease // A very gentle version of salute to the sun for when your body is craving movement. Perfect for cold rainy winter days or when you can't get out and about (59 minutes)

Go slow and tune in - Term 1 week 1 2021 // Term 1 Week 1 2021 Shaking + gentle energy block release 1 + relaxation to help us start to move carefully again and tune into ourselves. Good for when you haven't moved in a while or feel quite stiff (59 minutes)

Ground overwhelm // Slow flowing grounding movements + crocodile + relaxation to help you orient inwards and become more present for when you feel overwhelmed by outside influences and want some peace (1 hour)

Open up // Unwinding + fearless flight sequence + relaxation + mini meditation for when you are wanting to open and be more free (1 hour)

Opening & releasing // Tea cups + fearless flight + humming bee breath + relaxation (1 hour)

Emotional balance // Moon sequence + relaxation (1 hour)

Hold your centre // Modified energy block release 4 + relaxation to remind you that you can remain calm at all times (1 hour)

Empower yourself // The power sequence + relaxation for when you could use a confidence and energy boost (1 hour)

Anchor inward // Salutation to the 4 directions + relaxation (1 hour 2 minutes)

Yoga in bed // Cat + weaving cat + unwinding cat + butterfly forward bend flow + restorative reclining butterfly + relaxation (1 hour 2 minutes)

Soothe your heart // Gentle heart opening floor yoga + relaxation (1 hour 2 minutes)

Deep roots = strength // Unwinding on the floor + Tree flow + relaxation + mini meditation (1 hour)

Connect to the Earth // Tapping + mountain pose + earth sequence + relaxation + mini meditation to help us ground to the earth and rest in the support of Mother Nature for when you are feeling off balance and unsteady (1 hour 2 minutes) 

Release and relax // Expand and unwind with warm ups + floor based stretches + legs up on a chair + relaxation to help you release and relax your lower back and hips and soothe your whole nervous system (1 hour 2 minutes)

Yoga in bed - Deep deep rest // Restorative legs up the wall pose + womb pose with hummingbee breath + relaxation + smile meditation for when your nervous system needs some serious TLC (1 hour 3 minutes)

Let go of the past so you can rest in the present // Floor based class - Hip love + sitting forward bends + YIN Butterfly + YIN Deer + mini meditation + relaxation (1 hour 4 minutes)

Stand your ground // Extremely modified EBR2 + Crocodile + relaxation (1 hour 5 minutes)

Nurture your body, mind and heart // Gentle warm ups + feet up on chair movements and rest + relaxation + mini mantra meditation using Mala for when your nervous system needs some extra TLC (1 hour 5 minutes)

Vitality boost // Figure 8 flow + EBR4 + relaxation (1 hour 6 minutes)

Yoga in bed // Spine twist + maltese cross twist + cat tail twist + legs up the wall + relaxation (1 hour 8 minutes)

Release frustration // Tapping + EFT tapping + scoops + Energy Block Release 5 + Anahata breath + Forward bend + Restorative fish pose + a quick relaxation (1 hour 8 minutes)

Expand your heart // First part of energy block release 3 + salute to dhruva + relaxation (1 hour 9 minutes)

Relieve headaches and stress // Gentle unwinding + self massage + relaxation (1 hour 11 minutes)

Chair yoga // Relax stress in your shoulders and neck + relaxation (1 hour 12 minutes)

Heart warriors // Figure 8 flow + fearless flight + warrior flow + relaxation (1 hour 15 minutes)


The beauty of yoga is it is for everybody. Everyone’s body is unique and has different capabilities. A good motto for our practise is ‘no pain no pain’. You should enjoy a stretch but it should never be a strain. Please take full responsibility, respect yourself and listen to your body. This is intended to be gentle yoga so never move to your end limits or push yourself. Pushing yourself beyond your limits blocks the energetic benefits so you will gain more by doing less. Please seek medical advice for any existing conditions prior to commencing.