For when you are feeling UNINSPIRED


Hummingbee breath // Clearing + Soothing + Connecting (7 minutes)

Joy breath with prana mudra and mini meditation // Charge your batteries and heart space (10 minutes)

Check in with yourself meditation // (15 minutes)

Anahata breath // Gently open + flow your heart with ease (16 minutes)

Ajna centring // Drop worries + see clearer + balance intuition (21 minutes)

Spark Joy // Joy breath + clapping + spinal waves + cow face arms + dancer + Inner fire sequence (44 minutes)

Grounding wall yoga // Shoulder warm ups + Tiger + Dancer + Half moon + Legs ups the wall (45 minutes)

Create freedom within // EBR1 + quick relaxation (48 minutes)

Gently open // Tapping + figure 8's + chest openers with a strap + chest openers and twist on the floor + relaxation + mini meditation for when you have been holding on for too long and have found yourself bracing against the stress of the world. (55 minutes)

Exhaustion prevention // Postural support + cow arms + eagle arms + neck love + subtle spinal waves + relaxation + joy breath with prana mudra + mini meditation for when you are so tired it has become hard to fight gravity (55 minutes)

Move with Ease // A very gentle version of salute to the sun for when your body is craving movement. Perfect for cold rainy winter days or when you can't get out and about (59 minutes)

Empower yourself // The power sequence + relaxation for when you could use a confidence and energy boost (1 hour)

Activate your inner sunshine // warm ups + gentle salute the sun sequence + relaxation (1 hour 6 minutes)

Vitality boost // Figure 8 flow + EBR4 + relaxation (1 hour 6 minutes)

Expand your heart // First part of energy block release 3 + salute to dhruva + relaxation (1 hour 9 minutes)

Heart warriors // Figure 8 flow + fearless flight + warrior flow + relaxation (1 hour 15 minutes)




The beauty of yoga is it is for everybody. Everyone’s body is unique and has different capabilities. A good motto for our practise is ‘no pain no pain’. You should enjoy a stretch but it should never be a strain. Please take full responsibility, respect yourself and listen to your body. This is intended to be gentle yoga so never move to your end limits or push yourself. Pushing yourself beyond your limits blocks the energetic benefits so you will gain more by doing less. Please seek medical advice for any existing conditions prior to commencing.