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Drop the weight of the world off your shoulders // Gentle unwinding + spirals + relaxation + mini meditation to help you dump stress from your body and find comfort within (52 minutes)

Gently open // Tapping + figure 8's + chest openers with a strap + chest openers and twist on the floor + relaxation + mini meditation for when you have been holding on for too long and have found yourself bracing against the stress of the world (55 minutes)

Open up // Unwinding + fearless flight sequence + relaxation + mini meditation for when you are wanting to open and be more free (1 hour)

Deep roots = strength // Unwinding on the floor + Tree flow + relaxation + mini meditation (1 hour)

Hold your centre // Modified energy block release 4 + relaxation to remind you that you can remain calm at all times (1 hour)

Empower yourself // The power sequence + relaxation for when you could use a confidence and energy boost (1 hour)

Nurture your body, mind and heart // Gentle warm ups + feet up on chair movements and rest + relaxation + mini mantra meditation using Mala for when your nervous system needs some extra TLC (1 hour 5 minutes)




The beauty of yoga is it is for everybody. Everyone’s body is unique and has different capabilities. A good motto for our practise is ‘no pain no pain’. You should enjoy a stretch but it should never be a strain. Please take full responsibility, respect yourself and listen to your body. This is intended to be gentle yoga so never move to your end limits or push yourself. Pushing yourself beyond your limits blocks the energetic benefits so you will gain more by doing less. Please seek medical advice for any existing conditions prior to commencing.