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Inspired by yoga

Waves of Relaxation - pre recored audio

Waves of Relaxation - pre recored audio

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A 25 minute guided relaxation (plus 5 minutes of extra music) to help you settle and find that sweet spot within

Our nervous system is designed to act from a calm state 95 - 98% of the time. Unfortunately with the high demands of modern life it is more likely to be 20%!

When our body is in a state of calm all of our wonderful natural healing mechanisms kick in. Which is why the benefits of relaxation are far and wide.

Inner peace leads to world peace so thankyou for taking the time to practice this xo Amy 


Please note: This is a digital download not a physical product. 


$5 from every sale of this meditation will be proudly donated to Safe Steps Family Violence Centre

I chose this charity because unfortunately some people don't feel safe enough to relax.




As a busy mum of three I don’t really get much time to myself to relax and I am prone to ‘burning out’ When I first listened to Inspired by Yoga’s ‘waves of relaxation’ I was immediately relaxed by Amy’s voice. I had my toddler in tow at the time but was looking forward to his nap time so I could lie down and listen to the whole thing. After listening to the recording I was completely relaxed and rejuvenated. I had drifted off to sleep and woke feeling like I had been asleep for hours!! Amy’s voice is so soothing to listen to. This has been the best gift I could give myself! Thank you Amy - Inspired by yoga community member (name not used as requested for privacy)


Thankyou Christopher Lloyd Clarke who composed the soothing background music to this track.



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