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Inspired by yoga

DIY Mala Beads

DIY Mala Beads

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Learn to make your own Meditation beads

Using mala beads is one of the easiest ways to calm your anxious mind & meditate. The art & process of making meditation beads is sacred & soulful. In this easy to read ebook you will be carefully guided to create your very own set to treasure. The ebook is an instant download so you can start straight away. 


Written (with love) to a high professional standard.

Materials : Electronic download (link will be emailed to you)

Dimensions : 26 colourful pages.

Features : Detailed descriptions and photos.

what are mala beads?

why do we use them?

how do we use them?

why 108?

what is mantra?

choose your mantra

how to make mala beads




tassel making

caring for your mala

How to use :  Follow the clear instructions on how to consciously create your own set of Mala beads. Enjoy this mindful, soulful, heart expanding process.

Feedback : 'This booklet is fantastic as it easily describes the steps to make your own beautiful Mala Beads. I found the process very relaxing and comforting.' Michelle Bean, Business owner at Enhance Natural Therapies

'Amy’s passion and instruction in how to make a Mala was such a pleasurable experience. I was very familiar with Mala but had never made my own before and her instructions were so clear and accessible. It was great to be reminded too of why we use them and the inclusion of some lovely mantras was really supportive. I never knew how to finish the ends off and to neatly tie the knots but Amy shows you all this in simple steps. I would highly recommend her ebook.' Designer and business mentor Raphaelle Cox               
'Amy's DIY Mala Ebook gave me the inspiration to get some beads and have a go. I am not a crafty person, but found the instructions were easy to follow. The process of making a Mala is very special. Offering a Mala with a mantra to someone, is truly a gift from the heart. I highly recommend this book if you would like to share your heart with others and help them to meditate.' Jenny Dodd, Yoga and Meditation teacher
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