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Inspired by yoga

Soy wax candle

Soy wax candle

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2022 is not the year to pretend life is easy. It’s a complicated jumble of chaotic ups and downs and boredom inbetween. Life is messy and we shouldn’t strive to sweep it all under the rug. C’est la fucking vie. That’s fucking life. And we wouldn’t have it any other way!


Hand poured (with love) to a high professional standard.

Materials: Stoneware, natural soy wax, wick

Dimensions: 1500 x 850mm or 800ml

Features: The ingredients used to make your candle are all natural and non toxic. When the candle has been used up, wash in hot soapy water and reuse the mug.

I hope burning this candle reminds you of the solidarity we have after enduring the last few years together xo Amy



This candle is quite big and heavy so it is available for pick up only. I am happy to deliver it personally if you live 5km from Warranwood. If you are desperate for delivery I can get an estimate cost for you but I imagine it would be around $20 delivery. Email me any enquiries 

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