Women leading change conference

As some of you are aware, I was lucky enough to attend 'Women Leading Change' on the weekend. It was a seamlessly produced event by The Wake Up Project (http://wakeupproject.com.au) .

So many inspiring women stood up to tell their story. Opening up and sharing their own specific vulnerabilities showed me such strength and wisdom - I am still buzzing from the intensity of the inspiration I have taken away with me. During the event I took lots of notes, I have pulled out all the gems to share with you...

Seane Corn said -

- The only thing getting in our way is ourself and our limited self esteem and limited beliefs.
- Do not let your own narrative block your true potential.
- God is within you and within everyone else.
- We are here to learn love.
- How else do you learn acceptance without injustice.
- To understand the light you need to understand the shadow.
- We are the ones who create the magic in our families.
- How dare I not be as intense as I can be. I owe it to the world. I owe it to my family.
- When I love me I can love you.
- Sit with discomfort - try not to escape it.
- Dear god, don't let me be an asshole (when we practise self care we allow ourselves to be the best version of ourself and the world needs less assholes so practise self care!)

Janine Shepherd said -

- Living through painful experiences helps you embrace acceptance and helps you to grow.
- Instead of playing the victim and asking 'why me?' ask yourself 'why not me?'. We are all the same I am not better or worse than the next person.
- When you let yourself feel all the strong emotions as opposed to trying to escape them. That is when you are at the most courageous.
- Say YES to the whole experience. Don't pick and choose what you accept - Say yes to it all.
- Life is not about having it all its about loving it all.

Tara Moss said -

- Create safe space and push it out into the world.
- We need to be open and strong so we can help everyone who needs us without burning out. Thats why self care is so important.
- You can not have the life of your dreams without self care.

Lucy Perry said -

- Courage comes easier when you are working for others.
- Imagine if kindness was a part of regular business practise.

Clare Bowditch said -

- When you were a child what did you want to be?
- People often say to me 'I wish I could sing' and I say 'Can you talk? If you can talk you can sing.'
- How do we sit in the uncomfortable now?

Tami Simon said -

- Being true to yourself is leadership. Our true identity means we break from convention.
- The universe is constantly giving us feedback.
- The spiritual journey is one of subtracting not adding. What can you drop? We get to become the world's biggest looser! (ha ha)
- Meditation is about shedding what is keeping us from tuning into the incredible aliveness that is available.
- There is no magical happiness pill. We can not escape sorrow and pain. To feel is to be real. Feeling love in all its ecstasy means we will also feel the opposite depths at times.
- Everything depends on how much you trust life. Trust that even the stuff that seems crap takes you somewhere you need to go. Trust in even the unwanted things.
- And…the most important thing to know on the spiritual journey is what is important to you and give yourself to that completely.
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