The winter wind down

Winter goes grey so you can see your own colours - Terri Guillemets


As we get swept up in the busy pace of modern life we sometimes forget we are part of nature. Reconnecting with nature helps to remind us of our connection to everything and everyone - which can be a great comfort and blessing. One way to connect to nature is to honour the seasons and cycles. 

In Winter, the natural world pauses.

Winter is the perfect time for us to also pause. To slow down, to rest deeply, to go inward, to take comfort, to cocoon, to strip back your activities to bare essentials and take time to reflect on what is truely important to you. 

Giving ourselves time to rest and replenish during winter supports us to move forward with grace and vitality. 

And I am definitely going to be taking this into practise over the term break! 

My lovely friend and acupuncturist Anna has written an article about what foods are great to eat in winter and why - you can read it here.

FYI Term 2 finishes this Saturday the 18th of June.

Bookings for Term 3 are now open. Scroll down for more information or click 
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Term 3 starts on the 11th of July - I am looking forward to helping you to slow down, unwind, restore and find stillness within.

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