The cycle of life

Don't try to understand  everything. Sometimes it is not meant to be understood - Just accepted.

Life has thrown me a lot to deal with lately. These last 4 months I have been chasing my tail in a whirlwind of intense life and death experiences. 

My sister and I cared for my Dad while he fiercely battled prostate cancer. I gave birth to our beautiful boy Jasper. My Dad died. My cat died. My sister gave birth to my sweet nephew. All this happened within 5 weeks.

So life has been brutal and blissful. All this has taught me that we can be happy and sad at the same time. 

It has taught me to surrender and to love hard.

I am sure it has taught me a lot of other things too which I will eventually share with you.






On the night of the 15th of June I casually went to hospital so they could administer the softening gel that would help with the induction I was scheduled to have in the morning. The gel put me into labour so I beat the full induction that I was dreading - yay!

My contractions started 1 minute apart so that big bag of things to entertain me and help me relax in labour I brought in never got opened.

I laboured on my own for 4 hours in my room as they didn't believe I was in labour (sometimes the gel can bring on some pains). They finally believed me when I couldn't walk. 3 hours later Jasper was here and finally all my dreams came true.

My partner Blair and my Doula Nicole helped me get through and made it such a wonderful experience for me. It was the best day of my life.

Dad got admitted into palliative care the same day Jasper was born. My sister drove my Dad in to meet us for a quick cuddle before taking him in. I will be forever grateful that they got to meet and have many cuddles in the short weeks they had together.





The challenges of the last few months have been made a lot easier to deal with thanks to a whole range of people including...

My awesome fairy godmother rockstar Doula Nicole who went over and above to help me pre birth, during birth, just after birth (when my brain went to mush) and postnatally too.

All the midwives at Mitcham Private who pulled strings to let my Dad visit even though it wasn't visiting hours, for looking after Jasper when I needed to rush out and do some emergency banking for Dad and for offering us the double room.

Heather Cock the amazing osteopath who has been treating Jasper.

Shane O'Dea Jasper's paediatrician who has been helping with his reflux.

To Em, Jen and Melissa for teaching classes for me - they are doing such a great job I don't even have to give it a second thought.

The team of oncologists, specialists, professors and and nurses at Peter Mac.

All the nurses at Epworth Freemasons that cared for Dad in the three weeks he was there.

All the doctors, nurses, reception staff  and pastoral care workers at Caritas Christi hospice. The emotional and spiritual support alongside the medical was just what we all needed. It takes a VERY special person to work in a place like this. They not only supported Dad but us as well - they always made sure my sister and I were comfortable. 

Anthony and Kristin Dad's lawyers for helping us get his affairs in order pre and post death.

Le pine funerals for looking after all the arrangements.

Kangaroo Ground cemetery for having the exact plot Dad wanted - next to a gum tree.

Our lady of the pines parish for helping with the funeral and for honouring Dad with a plaque as he was such a treasured community member.

Whitefriars college for honouring Dad in their newsletter and also honouring him with a plaque at the school (he was in the first class when the school opened)

All friends and family who offered support especially my Mum, my uncle Tony and dads friend John.

Also a massive thank you to my sister. My sister and I were Dad's next of kin so it was up to us to make all medical decisions, to get his affairs in order, to plan the funeral and now for the next tasks packing up his house and finalising his will. Together we got through and I am so very grateful we have each other. 

Some of you will remember my Dad from when he was well enough to attend our classes. He was the most kind, generous and gentle man. I will be forever grateful he was my Dad and will always miss him...



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