Stop wearing your busy-ness as a badge of honour

Hurry is the enemy of love - Steve Biddulph


When we hurry we create an unhealthy environment in our body.
When we hurry we are on autopilot.

When we hurry we are not present.
When we hurry we are not aware of the truth.
When we hurry we make mistakes.
When we hurry we miss out on life.
When we hurry we live in fear rather than in love.

We need to collectively stop the glorification of busy. 
Being busy doesn't mean your being more productive.
Being busy doesn't mean you are more important.
Being bust doesn't mean you have purpose.

Stop wearing your busy-ness as a badge of honour

We are all just as important as each other.
We all have a lot to do in our days.
We all feel the overwhelm of our to do lists.

We need to prioritise and stop thinking everything is so bloody important. Sure if someone is going to die if you don't get that one thing done PLEASE do whatever you can to get it done. Everything else can just wait.

We need to stop worrying about other peoples opinions.
We need to stop comparing ourselves to others.
We need to stop being so hard on ourselves.
We need to look after ourselves first.
We need to schedule less and go with the flow.
We need to listen to our own inner voice more.

We need to give ourselves what we need and crave. 

Life is sweeter when you go slow and really love life

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