Yoga off the mat

what can you do to promote world peace - go home and love your family 
- Mother Theresa



I am absolutely loving my new life as a mum and getting to know Jasper. We have really found our flow as a family and are loving our time together. However...

I, like most first time mums miss having the freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want. (ha ha even in-between typing that sentence I had to go change a nappy!) 

I miss the simple things like being able to just quickly pop into the shops for something or eating dinner with two hands. I miss being creative and working (didn't expect that one!) I miss our little yoga community. And I really miss my long yoga and meditation sessions.

Because I don't have as much time for my yoga and meditation practise anymore I am focusing more on leading a yogic lifestyle. Because our yoga practise off the mat is just as important (if not more) than our practise on the mat.

Yoga is not only about moving your body and trendy leggings

Yoga is - Living in the moment free of tension
Yoga is - Conscious living
Yoga is - Noticing the beauty around you
Yoga is - Keeping your heart open
Yoga is - Following your instincts
Yoga is - Trusting in the universe
Yoga is - Choosing love over fear
Yoga is - Being the best version of yourself possible
And so much more...

Here are some tangible ways we can practise yoga off the mat -

- Maintain good posture. This will make you feel more energised and confident. It is as simple as that.
- Every time you visit the toilet, do a quick forward bend while pulling your pants down.
- Every time you walk through a particular door, put both your hands on the door frame at shoulder height and lean forward to open your chest.

- Every time you catch yourself breathing in a shallow way - stop and take 10 deep conscious breaths.
- Make sure the food you eat is giving you the life-force you need.
- Sing in the car, in the shower, while cooking... sing mantra, sing pop songs - it doesn't matter just enjoy yourself.

- Repeat mantra or affirmations silently in your head anywhere anytime.
- Stick quotes or affirmations to your bathroom mirror - the beauty about this one is the rest of your family secretly benefit without knowing!
- Reading (I don't have time for this at the moment but it's an important one to add)

- Be emotionally aware - know how you feel.
- Remember that you are in charge of how you feel.
- Let go of frustrations as they come up.

- Walking meditation where you take in all the beauty around you and are present and conscious of every step and breath you take.
- Be generous. Give your time, presence, money, handmade gifts.
- Connect to nature, your community and to yourself.
- Keep your heart open.
- Practise gratitude.
- Cook with love. 
- Be gentle. Be kind. Be yourself.
- Celebrate life - whatever brings you joy brings you closer to your true self.

A yogic lifestyle doesn't have to be intense or hard work. These are just some of the things I have managed to joyfully incorporate into my busy life. Keep it simple and true to you.

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