Let's be clear equanimity is not about fake positivity

Equanimity of mind is yoga. Do everything centred in that equanimity and you will enjoy an undisturbed mind in success or failure. - Bhahavad Gita


I hope you are all enjoying our theme of EQUANIMITY this year. I have not only been sharing inspiration about it in class but also online via Facebook and Instagram

Now I am definitely not an expert but before we go any further into it I just want to be very clear -

Equanimity is not about fake positivity
Equanimity is not about putting on a brave face
Equanimity is not about repressing our feelings
Equanimity is not about avoiding pain and suffering
Equanimity is not about putting on a mask of cosmetic cheer (thanks Megan Devine for that concept)
Equanimity is not about escape it’s about truth

Equanimity is about being really present to reality
Equanimity is about being ok with not being ok
Equanimity is about connecting with that place within that is always unwavering and calm 
Equanimity is about being content and at ease no matter what seemingly 'good' or 'bad' situations we find ourself in
Equanimity is about choosing to stay in a state of love rather than letting our cheeky mind take us to a place of fear

Equanimity is not about sugar coating the shit, it it’s about sitting in the shit with ease knowing full well it will pass soon.


Take off the mask
Feel your feelings
Observe yourself without judgement
Release the tendency to dramatise
Make friends with fleeting discomfort
Embrace and encourage contentment
Stretch your comfort zone
Surrender to the unknown

And remember...

To see clearly we need to take off those rose coloured glasses.

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