Issues in our tissues

These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb Nejwa Zabian
We all have 'issues in our tissues' - we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, when someone annoys us we call them a pain in the neck, when we are nervous we get butterflies in our tummy, we get worry lines across our forehead, our jaw tenses when we are angry, we get stress headaches... Our inner world (mind and heart) is often manifested in our outer world (body).

If we can let go of these uncomfortable physical sensations via yoga and relaxation - our inner world tends to follow suit and our mind naturally becomes clearer and our thoughts more positive, our heart opens and becomes more grateful and our emotions stabilise. 
That is the beauty and potency of yoga
Life is a hell of a lot easier without having to carry around all that excess baggage. It is exhausting to carry and completely unnecessary. So tune in and acknowledge the discomfort or tiredness in your body then soften it, relax, open, expand, release and let it go. Imagine the freedom and space for opportunity this creates for you.
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