Don't let December suck the life out of you

'I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival' Audre Lorde

Welcome beautiful yogi's

Put your hand up if you are susceptible to feeling burnt out this time of year
I think I can safely say that is all of us! We are at the end of the year, christmas is around the corner and our attention is being pushed and pulled in lots of different directions. Christmas is a wonderful time for sharing, helping and giving which is great fun. But we need to make sure we are giving from our overflow as opposed to giving giving giving until we are beyond empty.

For the next few weeks in class we are practising yoga to help prevent burn out and to help top you up with prana (energy/ life-force) so you can genuinely sparkle during the holiday season with lots of presence, love and joy.

Some other ways to prevent burn out -
* only say yes if you really mean it
* lots more self care than usual
* yoga and deep breathing
* relax in the bath and walks in nature
* healthy food, enough sleep and water...
* don't sweat the small stuff
* stop caring so much about what other people think
* enjoy yourself - have fun, be playful
* avoid anything that drains you as much as you can (shopping centres are the worse for sucking you dry!)

Some people feel selfish when they take time out but in fact not taking time for yourself is selfish. Don't be a martyr and suffer in silence. Keeping yourself healthy and relaxed keeps you available to help others.

Another way to care for yourself is to ask for help. Delegate tasks that do not essentially have to be done by you. One way I do this is by using Organic angels home delivery service and highly recommend it. I have have been using them for years so recently joined up with them as an affiliate which means if you buy anything via the link below I get a small credit off my weekly shop. It's a friendly way for them to get new business through word of mouth. I will be putting the link on our website also if you need it. Time is precious and so is your health!
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