Bloom where you are planted

Every flower must grow through dirt - Laurie Jean Sennott

I love the phrase 
bloom where you are planted 

Because life is not always easy. 

We don’t always get sunshine, rainbows and lollipops. 

We are not always where we want to be. 

But that is ok.

Everything is always imperfectly perfect. 

We are all exactly where we need to be. 

Let's make the most out of where we are now. 

Every seemingly negative situation has hidden treasures. 

Think outside the square to find treasure in each moment.

Blessings in disguise are abundant so keep your eyes peeled!

Bookings for Term 4 are now open. Those of you who paid for the whole of term 3 upfront I have saved you a spot and sent you an email on how to book. For everyone else scroll down for more information or click here to book in.

Term 4 starts on the 10th of October and runs for ten weeks. 

Our last two BLISS OUT yoga and relaxation workshops for the year will be on Sunday the 2nd of October and Sunday the 6th of November. Book you sweet self in


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