Benefits of yoga at home

One of the major positives to practising yoga at home is we get an opportunity to deepen our interoceptive awareness.

'Proprioception' is our ability to sense where our body is in space which improves our balance and coordination - movements help establish and strengthen this. It is known as our 6th sense.

'Interoception' on the other hand is our ability to sense the more subtle inner messages of our body - our heartbeat, breathing, temperature, hunger, tight muscles, tiredness… all the things we need to tune into to be able to look after ourselves better. It is known as our 7th sense.

Interoceptions primary function is homeostasis. When our body is in homeostasis it is in perfect balance and all our natural healing mechanisms kick in. 

Being busy hinders our interoceptive awareness. 

However... Slow gentle yoga in our own home gives us the opportunity to dive deeper into ourself. When we know ourselves better we can look after ourselves better and when we look after ourselves better we can look after the people and planet that we love better.

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