Autumnal let go

Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop - RUMI
This time of year as the trees are starting to shed their dead leaves - it's a good time for us to also shed what we no longer need. 

What have we accumulated that no longer serves us?
What excess baggage can we let go of?
What is weighting us down?
What are our dead leaves?

Our attachment to the past often holds us back. 

Letting go of the past creates space for wonderful new opportunities to find us. Letting go of the past creates lightness. Letting go of the past creates freedom.

Best way to let go of the past is to be aware of the present moment. No dwelling on what's gone or obsessing on what's coming just pure shimmering presence acknowledging the stillness and beauty of now.


Even when we have to do things we don't want to do. Even when we are in pain. Even when we are sad. Even when life is not going to plan. Being aware of the present moment can bring comfort. And that is awesome!
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