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Welcome to our community

I believe the fast pace of the modern world makes us experts at going hard and fast - we force against nature to push ourselves in an unhealthy way.

As a counter balance to this, our classes are gentle and flowing in nature. In class, expect to move slowly with ease, to breathe with awareness and to relax deeply. Gently allowing your mind, body and heart to come back into a natural healthy balance.

I design our classes so they may be enjoyed by all ages & abilities. With an emphasis on nurturing your nervous system to help you feel more calm, releasing tension to help you feel more relaxed all the while improving your flexibility, core strength, breathing and postural habits. 

I hope to provide a gentle, friendly, non competitive community environment for you so that you feel at ease and comfortable to relax. 

In our fast modern life we often don’t give ourselves permission to just be, breathe, feel and enjoy the moment yet doing so in a yoga class can bring about such comfort and clarity. I aim to give you this space - so that you can bounce forward with a heightened sense of positivity and wellbeing.